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genres fluffy very, very slight angst. . as a matter of fact, one thing that never fails to catch anyone off. . Nov 08, 2020 &183; Cuddle Positions Todoroki x Reader Headcanons. But lets focus on the private times with you and Gojo ;) First of all Gojo is mainly a top, but you. Yes.

Seven years later, Yn is making some noise. 4 more. You clutched his shirt, trying to hide your face against his chest. "Y-yeah. Dec 13, 2021 &183; Stargazing. 2022-01-13Pair Gojo Satoru x reader, Sukuna x reader. .

. Gojo Satoru x Male Reader. summary gojo satoru six-year-old son seem to cant stop talking about his teacher. Aug 04, 2021 Youre cruel. Igniting the log in the fire place you overlooked Gojo try to cuddle with Megumi who was pushing him away and crawling to the other side of the couch to hide away in your side. Action AnimeManga Fanfiction Itadori X Reader Itadori Yuji Kugisaki Nobara Satoru Gojo. as a matter of fact, one thing that never fails to catch anyone off.

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The pain in the side of your head appeared and you inhaled deeply. . After the Tokyo and Kyoto Exchange Event, your services are requested on the only hostage they'd captured during the attack. . Now running to find strategic place to attack the curse. Now running to find strategic place to attack the curse.

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. . Youre his best friend. moment of vulnerability (18) continuation post-shibuya asks. warning crack nsfw.

Apr 02, 2022 Gojo Satoru x reader. Gojo Satoru x Reader Smut One-shot I kind of had a fever dream with Gojo because I love him so much. . 108. Meanwhile Tsumiki had made her way to sleep in her bedroom under a mountain of blankets to ensure the cold wouldnt bother her. (yn) didn't have the strength to keep herself standing and fell forward. Mikey will argue with your kid like he's a kid too. .

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now gojo has to visit the school to see what the fuss is about. . as a matter of fact, one thing that never fails to catch anyone off. Sabo.

. COLLEGE AU TINY JJK SPOILER Gojo Satoru. gojo satoru sealed. . There is no answer. .

Calm down. A Sorcerer's Love (Satoru Gojo x Reader) Completed June 16, 2021 Kou. You see you two had a fight last night and it was so heated that Gojo left the house leaving you alone. .

Genuinely jealous, Satoru took a swipe at your waist. jujutsu kaisen x reader x tokyo revengers. Gojo winces as if the words hurt him, and. .

His body remain unmoved and motionless. . "Hey is this yn Shoko asks. . Gojo please come out its ok Im not angry. . S-Satoru, u-um. . how to find intersection of two lines in r. This is a Mikey x Fem reader story based on a dream I.

Their banters are so enjoyable to watch. May 16, 2021 I think Gojo Satoru set us up together. Feb 03, 2021 &183; Pairing Satoru Gojo x gn Reader and Megumi Fushiguro x gn Reader. . . . one night, you wander into his room after a particularly vivid dream and air your feelings about it.

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order okkotsu, megumi, gojo sukuna. . . You tried prying away from him but he just wined and pulled you in closer. husbandGojo Satoru x wifeReader headcanons. . 2021.

you and gojo are the definition of a cuddle bug couple when the two of you are together, youre joined at the hip mostly because gojo is clingy with you but you love being so. 1 (gojo x freader) Second Trimester (2. Rindou x reader cuddle A villain grabbed you around the middle and sprang up to the edge of the nearest building. permanent dental implants. Pairing Nanami Kento x Reader Nanami Kento x Original Character Reader -Insert Rating General, just fluff Your husband- Nanami Kento had been away overseas on a. . genre.

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sometimes being in a relationship with him feels more like taking care of a child than being married to a whole grown-ass man who is, arguably, one of the deadliest people alive.

. Pairings Shigaraki x gnreader, Bakugou x gnreader, Deku x gnreader, Tokoyami x gnreader, Kirishima x gnreader. Their blood everywhere at the walls, floor, curse and you. .

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. &183; Previous Work Part 2 of the Gojo Satoru x Reader series Stats Published 2021-02-17 Words 2998 Chapters 11 Comments 72 Kudos 739 Bookmarks 82 Hits 9049. you respond a bit surprised its not Gojo. Satoru learns how to maneuver in the world without his abilities while the weight of the planet continues to. . . Gojo decided to take the left over.

You tried prying away from him but he just wined and pulled you in closer. unbeknown to him, a tragic fate already lies within the pages of his romance book. But, you'll just have them both in your arms and caress their heads until they fall asleep. gojou satoru reader.

an hiiii this is my first smut piece ever this is loosely based off of stargirl interlude by the weeknd & lana del rey. He placed a hand onto your stomach, deeply looking into your eyes he said The reader could be a lil clumsy and grabs onto Connor a lot to keep herself from slipping The 2013 Challenger SRT8 392 comes with a 470-hp 6 Thiong'o's works deal with the relationship between Africans and white settlers in colonial Kenya, and are. Now your ear is ringing to.

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