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3) My need to go has increased substantially.


Can you hold out until the end without peeing Its very hard good luck be sure to tag, like and shareinspired by bladder experimentPee, pee holding, do.

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Hold them there until you get the urge to pee, and then try to do so into the toilet.

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Dont Focus On The Dam Breaking.

Now what do you feel I don&39;t need to pee my pants at all.


If, in some world, somewhere, you did not pee by doing this, you are not allowed to go to the bathroom at all until.

A little quiz to make you pee your pants. Try not to pee (hard) Do everything this test says and let&39;s see if you pee.

The closer you get to the last number, the harder it gets to finish.

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You might as well be treated like a baby.

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You may release for 8 seconds in your clothes.

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Wait 20 minutes.


It may be difficult, but try not to think about how bad the urge to pee is.

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